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Data Protation Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Tried, tested and compliant...

In many cases the GDPR requires organisations to undertake a data protection impact assessment for a given processing activity.

Having completed a great many such assessments, we can help ensure an independent, fair and balanced assessment and help solve some of the common (and not so common) challenges experienced.

GDPR Data Mapping

Your Article 30 'Records of Processing' are the first thing any supervisory authority will ask to see in the event of an audit.

We will assist with fully documenting your data protection processing activities and work flows to prepare for compliance.

GDPR Training

Practically all businesses have a legal duty to ensure that employees are aware of the principles, requirements and expectations of data protection.

We have delivered many workshops, for multiple organisations, and we can make sure your team are able to handle personal information safely and in compliance with data protection law.

GDPR Consultancy and Guidance

Data protection legislation can be a minefield, and is often misinterpreted. We can provide the answers to your questions.

With several years of real-world experience, our certified data protection practitioner can make sure your business remains enabled, whilst maintaining compliance and security.

GDPR Gap Analysis

Privacy and data protection is more important than ever - for individuals and organisations alike.

The regulations are a legal requirement, and the supervisory authorities are not to be taken lightly - we can conduct a gap-analysis to help you make sure you don't get caught short.

GDPR Implementation

Not all organisations have the skills in-house to implement an effective and compliant privacy programme - we can help.

Having deployment numerous implementations, we can warn you of the pitfalls, I help prioritise the critical components and big wins.