Offensive Security

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Web Application Penetration Testing

The top attack vector of the internet!

Do you develop or host web applications? If so, you need to be taking their security very seriously.

Regular penetration testing exercises are the best way to verify the security of your applications.

External Penetration Testing

How secure is your internet attack surface?

Exactly simulating a real-world attack scenario - regular and independent testing exercises stand above all as the most accurate indication of your security stance.

Internal Penetration Testing

Is internal security your Achilles heel?

Security is all too often focused on external perimeter defenses- leaving internal systems by the wayside.

Internal penetration testing focuses on the insider threat, and testing of security controls within the internal network.

Social Engineering and Phishing

Social engineering; exploiting the human...

Personnel remain the weak point for many organizations; Reinforce Services provide tailor made social engineering and phishing engagements to accurately measure your ability to detect, avoid and respond to social engineering and phishing attacks.

Physical Penetration Testing

It's not all networks and servers...

Physical security controls protect direct access to your most valuable assets - are your defenses up to scratch?

Reinforce Services can engage in specifically designed and pre-agreed testing exercises to verify your physical security measures.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Can we access your wireless network?

For most organizations, there is no escaping the use of wireless technology - Don't let this leave your network vulnerable to intrusion!

With various methods available to would-be attackers for most common security controls, locking down your network isn't always easy.

Red Team Exercises

Laser targetted attack simulation!

Here we pull out all the stops - simulating an advanced persistent threat actor, we leverage all the methods at our disposal to demonstrate the compromise of your organisation.

Hold on tight - your defenders will need their big-boy pants on for this one!